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We have written and compiled a variety of resources to help you better understand some of the financial options available to you.

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From understanding taxes to business planning, creating your happy retirement and more, these books are a valuable resource and are yours at no cost.

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Financial Education

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Investing in Your Future

Could you live comfortably on just $10,740 a year? Chances are the answer is no. But according to the Social Security Administration, $10,740 was the estimated average income for retired workers.

Clearly, social security will not be your only source of retirement income – you must do more on your own to prepare for retirement. Investment vehicles like a Traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may make sense for you.

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Understanding Living Trusts

Are They Right For You?

One of the most common tools in estate planning is the use of a trust, which is an arrangement under which you (the grantor) can place assets that are for the ultimate benefit of someone else (the beneficiary) under the control of a trustee. Depending on your goals, the use of a trust can be an effective way to achieve your estate planning objectives.