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Let’s face it: personal and business finance is complicated. Trying to put together the pieces yourself can be overwhelming and time consuming and often leave holes or open you up to making mistakes. We offer a full suite of financial products and services, and know how to put them together so that they work for each other to best protect and grow your wealth over the long term.

financial products and services

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services

Preservation & Growth

Finding the right investment vehicle and account is critical, but it’s equally important to have the roadmap and strategy in order to best use that vehicle to reach your goals.

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate and Trust Planning

Investment Planning

College Planning

Hear it from our clients…

Comprehensive Financial Planning

▪ Cash Flow Analysis
▪ Goals-Based Retirement
▪ Goals-Based Education
▪ Distribution Strategies
▪ ‘What if’ Scenarios
▪ Social Security Analysis
▪ Income Tax Strategies
▪ Charitable Giving
▪ Legacy Planning
▪ Life/Disability/LTC
▪ Account Aggregation with
Online Access

Executive Financial Planning

▪ All components of the Comprehensive Financial Planning Package
▪ Executive Compensation Strategies ▪ Stock Option Analysis
▪ Restricted Stock Analysis
▪ Advanced estate and income tax

Business Owner Financial Planning

▪ All components of the Comprehensive Planning Package
▪ Advanced estate and income tax strategies
▪ Business Retirement Planning
▪ Exit Strategy Planning

Individual Account Services

Rollover IRA’s

Traditional/ROTH IRA’s

Beneficiary IRA’s



Trust Accounts

Joint Tenant Accounts

Individual Accounts

529 Accounts

Coverdell ESA’s

UGMA Accounts

Planning for the Future

We offer a variety of individual accounts that can help you reach your goals for retirement, education expenses, or large purchases. Many of these accounts have unique tax advantages.

business solutions

Corporate Solutions

For Companies & Their Employees

401(k) Plans

Defined Benefits Plans


Corporate 529 Plans

Key Man Insurance

Group LTC

Customized Portfolios

Investment Management Services (through LPL Financial)

Mutual Funds

Stocks and Bonds

Separate Account Money Management

Alternative Investments (REIT’s, Managed Futures, Variable and Fixed Annuities, Structured Notes)

customized portfolios
Business Finance Planning

Family Protection

Protect What You Love Most

Life Insurance Analysis

Wealth Replacement

Disability Income

Long Term Care